Installation Notes

ssh-deploy-key is normally installed via pip. However, on some systems, there are source files that must be installed first.

Install the Prerequisites

ssh-deploy-key depends on the paramiko ssh library, which requires the Python sources. You can install these using the normal package managers for your OS.

Debian/Ubuntu (apt-get)

sudo apt-get install python-dev

Red Hat/Centos (yum)

sudo yum install python-devel


You will need a compiler installed – either XCode or gcc. Normally, you can just run the command to install ssh-deploy-key (see below), and if no compiler is available on your system, you will be prompted to install one:


If this happens, click the ‘install’ button, then run the pip command again.

Install ssh-deploy-key via Pip

Once the development libraries are in place, the best way to install ssh-deploy-key is via pip. To get pip, see


sudo pip install ssh-deploy-key